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At Zyrt Social we help businesses achieve higher customer retention through social media engagement and design 
Small Businesses Consulting 
Social Media Marketing 
Content Marketing 
SEO Ranking 
Video Promo 
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Market your business the right way. 
At Zyrt we give you the expertise and tools you need to grow your business. Custom design, coding, video production, & intelligent marketing will bring your company to life. Leveraging over 20 years of small business experience to come up with the RIGHT strategy for your small business  
Your customers will get to know you, even before you've met.  

Grow Your Brand Online 
Online advertising is still the cheapest, most cost-effective medium to market your small business. 
Marketing is a science and Art. We never take guesses when it comes to marketing your company, and leverage large data-sets to make sure that the best decisions for your marketing are always being made. 

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Social media is all the rave nowadays. If your business does not have social media, you are out of touch and sometimes out of the loop. Most businesses are eager to jump on the band wagon and have a social media presence where other still prefer the old fashion way of word of mouth, flayers, direct mail. 
Social media marketing is the new word of mouth or electronic word of mouth . 
In todays word, Social media marketing is the heart beat of you business 
Facebook/Google Marketing 
Custom Fan page 
Audience Scraping 
Solid ROI 
Search Advertising 
Display Ads 
Analytics & Conversion Tracking 
Display Advertising 
Social Media Integration
Increase revenue and profits 
Learn specific marketing and business skills 
Extend your reach and find new customers 
Craft a cohesive action plan for growing your business 
Boost clarity about your business vision and big projects 
Retain our services 
Business Strategy, 
Marketing and start up, 
Marketing Packages 
Google consultation 
Email Marketing integration
All aspect of marketing has to eventually point to your web site. The site must have all the pieces about your services/products. Web site in our opinion, depending on your business, no longer needs to be fancy with java scripts and over sizes images. The web site needs to be mobile friendly.
Google reports, more searches are on mobile than desktop. Every indication that mobile device is taking over computers. So go Mobil friendly elegant simple design for your web site 
Website Design & Development 
URL reservation and purchase 
Increases Conversions 
CRM Integration 
Mobile Responsive 
Continual Optimization 
DNS migration to server 
Scope pages for web site 
Email account/s. 
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
Google Analytics, Site Verification, Favicon
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